Blacksburg, VA
 Sept 2, 2017
 4 sessions
 4+ Lightning Talks

Learn in the morning. Apply in the afternoon.

Are you a developer? Regardless if you're a Docker newbie or expert, this is the place to be!
Come learn, hack, and meet others!

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This one-day event is designed to help you get up and running with Docker. Come in knowing nothing and leave knowing what it takes to run containerized applications. If you bring an app, we can even help containerize it!

This ContainerDay is being run by the Docker Blacksburg Meetup group. While this first event is targeting developers, we hope to have events for ContainerDayOps and ContainerDayStudents in the future. Stay tuned!

Why focus on developers? Honestly, we had to start somewhere. In most places where we've seen Docker adopted, it's started with developers. So, it makes sense to start with them!

NOTE: This event is NOT organized and run by Docker, Inc. This event is run independently by a local interest group.


Michael Irwin
Docker Captain and Application Architect at Virginia Tech
Nirmal Mehta
Docker Captain and Chief Technologist at Booz Allen Hamilton
Russ Memisyazici
Lead Network Architect at Virginia Cyber Range
Ronald Bruintjes
Programmer/Analyst at Medeco Security Locks
More bios coming soon!


The day is going to be split into two portions... Learn in the morning. Apply it in the afternoon.

The morning sessions will be run by Docker Captains, Michael Irwin and Nirmal Mehta.

The lightning talks will be given by other Docker experts in the New River Valley.

Why Containers/Docker?
What in the world are containers? What problem are they trying to solve? In this talk, we'll get some understanding of what containers are and, possibly more importantly, what they aren't.
Getting Started... from nothing to something
In this session, we're going to download Docker, get it installed, and start running some containers! We'll start with a simple "Hello World", but then run an actual web application... with nothing but Docker installed!
Building Effective Images
Building images is easy. Building good images? A little harder. How do you reuse layers in images? How can you make super small images? What problems do multi-stage builds solve? This session will provide all of these answers!
Dockerize an App using Docker Compose
Docker Compose is a fantastic tool to help spin up many services (databases, caches, etc.) with a single command. But, not every application is using Compose. In this session, we're going to take a project from GitHub and "Dockerize" it. By the end, you too can launch this application with a single command!
Lunch, Workshops, Dockerize your own app
Bring an app and work to Dockerize it! There will be plenty of folks around to help answer questions along the way!

Don't have an app to work on? You can either hack something together or go through several workshops that will be available!
Windows Containers
Docker isn't just for Mac/Linux, but for Windows applications too! In this quick demo, we're going to build a .NET app and deploy it using IIS.
Deploying Containers on AWS
The EC2 Container Service on AWS makes deploying containers as simple as it gets!
Play with Docker
Two Docker Captains put together an incredible website that makes it super easy to get started and playing with Docker. Come see some of the neat features and watch a demo of deploying an app across a cluster of nodes using Docker Swarm!
Summit QA
Docker has completely changed the way Summit (an app developed at VT) runs its QA environment. Come see how, within minutes, a code push creates a unique deployment and immediately allows the QA team an environment to test in. And, of course, it's all Dockerized.


Registration is free and open to everyone!

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Torgersen Hall, Room 3100 on the Virginia Tech campus

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